What to expect when you come for treatment….

You may have had physiotherapy before, but here at Integrative Physiotherapy we work a bit differently to most, so you may be interested to hear what to expect when you book an appointment with us.

Before even coming to clinic, you will be sent a welcome pack which includes information on how to find us, what to bring, wear, confirming costs and how to pay. We also ask you to complete a health screening questionnaire which saves precious time during the session, and means we are prepared regarding any medical conditions, or things you wish us to be aware of ahead of time. You are also sent a copy of our terms and conditions and privacy policy, so that you can trust that your data is handled in a legal and appropriate way, and that we are fully transparent in how we work. The clinic has been awarded 5 stars for quality and compliance, and this is something we really pride ourselves on, so you know you are in safe hands.

When coming to the first appointment you are invited to park on a dedicated driveway, and access to the property is through a discrete side gate, where I am usually waiting for you. The clinic is a purpose-built clinic room, in a private and quiet space.

The first part of the session is where I take the time to really listen to your story, your history, what leads you to seek treatment, the things you are struggling with, and what you really want to get out of our time together. You will not be rushed, and there is plenty of time allocated for this. I will ask you a range of questions to help with this part, but I really want you to be doing more of the talking so I can fully understand your situation. I want to learn about the pain you are experiencing, and any other symptoms that may be associated with it, like fatigue, and the impact these have on daily life, work, and your ability to do the things that are important to you. We will also explore other factors that may be relevant, such as the quality of your sleep, current stress levels, nutrition, the amount of support you have (at home and/or at work), how you look after yourself, your current diet, and how active you are able to be.

As appropriate, we will then go through a physical assessment, looking at the way you walk, your posture, how much you are able to move, the strength of your muscles, balance, and any specific tests as needed.

Bringing all of this information together, we will then come up with your bespoke plan of treatment….

This will usually involve a combination of; helping you to understand your condition/ ongoing pain to reduce the fear around it; a movement practice, based on the things that you enjoy, and what will help with improving your ease of movement, strength and/or balance; keeping a diary/getting you to think about how you plan and pace your days, especially if you have a lot of pain and/or fatigue; how to move away from a boom/bust approach of doing things; finding your baseline for how much you can do now, without leading to a flare-up; a plan on how to grade these things up slowly over time; often some breathing or relaxation practice; tips and routines around improving your sleep; exploring your current nutrition, if this is something you would like to work on and we think is relevant; with additional treatments like soft tissue massage, joint mobilisations, and/or acupuncture as required.

I believe it is important to lay down good foundations of self-care first, rather than relying on passive treatments.

How you spend your time 24/7 is more important to the way you feel, than the one hour a week/fortnight that we spend together.

Making a plan is one thing, sticking to it is another, and that is where regular sessions and checking-in (via email/text/WhatsApp), will help you to stay accountable, so you can make the changes that you will benefit from the most. The way that I work is not black and white, there is no right or wrong, and often it takes some trial and error to find the best approach for you. It is therefore best if you come to sessions with an open mind and be willing to try things out, even if they feel out of your comfort zone.

“Great things never came from your comfort zones” Neil Strauss

If you would like to hear from others who have benefitted from treatment with us, then head to our testimonial page here.

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