"Just over a year ago I experienced a life-changing car accident. My terrible open fracture injury to my right ankle I was told would require a lot of physiotherapy, and that this would be the key to the best possible recovery. Through bad luck there are always silver linings, and my meeting with Nicola was one of those. She has been dedicated to helping me gain strength and in learning about a new leg that I am now living with. Nicola has treated my injury in many ways, including acupuncture, a range of exercises, teaching me how to walk again, and not forgetting learning to climb the stairs, and embarking on walking outside.

The care and dedication from Nicola is beyond anything I could ever put into words. She is not only highly accomplished, but also a most caring kind person. I cannot write a more positive word about Nicola. She is exceptional in so many ways. The key to my recovery as I was told would be with my physiotherapist. It most certainly is. I could not give her a better review. Nicola Brown is dedicated to giving my difficult injury the best chance I could possibly have for a strong and happy life. This was a review I looked forward to writing".


"Having suffered chronic back pain (whiplash) for the past 3 years my consultant recommended a pain management course. I was a little sceptical as I thought I was managing my pain with medication but decided to keep an open mind and enrolled on a 10-week course with Nicola. I am so glad I did. Nicola did a detailed assessment and explained where my pain was coming from and helped me identify the triggers that caused me heightened pain. She then, week by week, gave me new skills and tools to help me manage my pain along with a personalised and manageable exercise plan, which has certainly helped. Whilst I will probably never be free of pain, I am grateful to Nicola for giving me a different perspective and showing me how I can help myself whenever possible to minimise my pain. Thank you for a truly helpful and insightful course".