I am Nic Brown, pain specialist physiotherapist, health coach and founder of Integrative Physiotherapy.

I support people persistent pain, who desire an active, healthy and enjoyable life, with the confidence and freedom to move towards their values.

I take a whole person approach, and I am passionate in helping people to understand complex pain, and I bring together a bespoke range of tools and techniques to create optimal health and wellbeing, through a positive, compassionate and empowering lens.

I believe that it is possible to have a fulfilling life, alongside pain.

I qualified as a physiotherapist over 20 years ago, where training was focused on finding the cause of the problem and learning how to ‘fix’ it. Sometimes this worked well, but often not (if the problem had been going on for some time and previous treatments had failed to work). I also started to see people with more widespread and multiple pain areas, where the pain was having a significant impact on their daily life, and I did not have the tools to really help them.

When I moved to Swindon in 2006, I was lucky to work with a great mentor and teacher, who taught me about persistent pain, and the importance of looking at the whole person, and other significant and influencing factors around sleep, stress, the person’s understanding of pain, beliefs around it, current coping strategies, activity levels, work issues, support structures, and whether they felt able to move towards the things that were important to them.

Book a Free 20-minute Introductory Call

This call is an opportunity to ask any questions, and for me to find out more about you and the kind of help you are looking for. Together we can discuss the prospect of working together, and how this might look.

My passion for working with people in pain has never waned, and I have spent the past 16 years studying it, and delving into a range of tools and techniques to help people better live alongside their pain.

The approach I take today brings all of my knowledge and experience together into a range of tools and techniques; exploring someone's outlook and understanding of their problem and how they make sense of what they are experiencing; how we can nourish ourselves through self-care practices, compassion and nutrition; therapeutic touch; restorative movement; connecting to the present, and what is importance to us.

If you would like to learn more and discuss how working together could benefit you, book in for a free introductory phone call.


  • Batcheler of science degree in Physiotherapy (University of Brighton)
  • First Class Master's degree in Pain (Cardiff University)
  • Acupuncture accreditation (AACP)
  • Certified health coach (NSHCA)
  • Advanced clinical weight loss practitioner, sleep management adviser, stress management adviser, and nutrition therapist (Health Sciences Academy)
  • Including regular CPD courses, for example, Foundational CBT (Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre), Motivational Interviewing (Psychwire) and ACT (Bath Centre for Pain Services).